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Back 2 New Cleaning Adelaide is the company in Adelaide you should hire if you are searching for any kind of carpet repair service. We provide excellent carpet stretching, carpet poaching, carpet hole repair and other carpet repair services in Adelaide. We have a large number of satisfied customers from all across the city. Our skilled staff assists us in providing the best carpet repair services to our customers. Our customers may also take advantage of our emergency carpet repair services. Moreover, our Carpet Repair Adelaide team has expertise in the field to provide the best carpet repair services. Furthermore, our carpet repair and replacement costs are quite reasonable. If you want to make the carpet repair experience stress free, then contact our professional carpet repair and restretching team today! You can call us at 08 7184 4667

    We Are Famous For Fixing The Following Carpet Damages In Adelaide

    furniture impressions

    Furniture Impressions

    We are here to help you in removing Furniture Impressions and restoring the shape of your carpet! Furniture is heavy so it is very common to find furniture impressions on the carpet. Just contact us to solve your trouble!

    frictional damages

    Frictional Damages

    Because of friction, the carpet breaks, buzzes, and splits over some time. If you ignore frictional damages it will ruin your entire carpet area. We can fix frictional damages to your carpet without any hassle.

    burnt carpet

    Burnt Carpet Spot

    Cigarettes, hair straightening rods, hot irons, and a nearby fireplace can all cause burn damage to the carpet. Our professionals have complete knowledge to deal with such burnt carpet spots. So, if you need help with your burnt carpet damage then contact us for carpet burn repair.

    carpet ripples

    Carpet Ripples

    We provide the finest carpet wrinkle removal in case your carpet loses its stability. Even we provide you with the finest services at affordable rates and give you the best results.

    accidental tearing

    Accidental Tearing

    Our carpet Repair Adelaide team has invented a revolutionary way to recover a carpet from accidental tearing damage. When it comes to keeping your valuable carpet safe from additional damage or replacement, carpet fixing and mending become important. In addition, our team is ready to assist you in case of an emergency!

    carpet repair service adelaide

    Methods What Are Our Comprehensive Methods To Repair Your Carpet?

    • Replacement of the carpet base- The base of the carpet squeezes after some time. Hence replacement is necessary. The application of the new carpet base makes it like a cushion. We can replace the base of all carpet types.
    • Carpet Mending of All Kinds- We can repair any type of carpet damage that requires mending. Our professionals are here to help you. Be it a small carpet hole patching or carpet thread removal we are always there for you.
    • Relaying And Stretching A Carpet- We have professional carpet re-stretching techniques. We have an extensive range of techniques to restretch and relay your carpet.
    • Repairing Carpet Seams- Unevenness and rippling will occur if two nearby fabrics have differing identical tension throughout the manufacturing process. Dragging heavy things over the carpet generates ripples between the seams or can split the seams. We help in carpet seam repair.
    • Carpet Pad fixing- We fix carpet pads below carpets to give the floor a cushioned effect. Tack strips are used to attach most carpet pads. However, these strips will not work on brick or cement floors. Thus to keep the carpet pad from moving on these sorts of flooring, we glue it down.

    Emergency Carpet Repair Team For Services In Adelaide And Nearby Regions

    If you need carpet repair and stretching service urgently in Adelaide or nearby suburbs then contact our professional carpet repair team today! Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days. Moreover, you can contact us for same-day carpet repair services too as we are available on weekends and holidays too! Our carpet fixers offer the services considering the urgent needs and requirements. To book services call on our numbers, we will be glad to serve you!

    best carpet repair service adelaide

    Advantages of Hiring Our ProfessionalCarpet Repair In Adelaide

    0124×7 hours availability

    24×7 Hours Availability

    Our team is ready to serve you all day long irrespective of time!

    02budget friendly


    Our Carpet Repair Adelaide customized plan according to the needs will be under your budget.

    03local experts

    Local Experts

    We have local experts as a result, they are aware of the issues faced by Adelaide’s Clients!

    03same day service

    Same-Day Carpet Repairs

    You can contact us for same-day services in Adelaide and nearby areas.

    04residential and commercial

    Residential And Commercial Carpet Repairs

    Whether you appoint us for residential purposes or commercial purposes, we provide you finest and most timely services.


    There are certain frequent things to look for, such as thread splits, ripples, carpet swelling, the hole in the carpet and carpet burns. These all need to be repaired as soon as possible.

    The damage will only become worse as time goes on. As a result, it is preferable to get them fixed as soon as possible rather than waiting until they need to be replaced.

    For the repairing procedure, we only utilize authorized tools and techniques and provide you with an undetectable repairing service. In this field, we are the best. Our stitching tools, among other things, are in demand in Adelaide.