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Hire the finest upholstery cleaners for a healthy environment

An Upholstery Cleaning Service that Produces Outstanding Results – Deep Cleaning, Quick Drying! It’s nice to be clean! We provide a carbonated thorough cleaning to revitalise your upholstery. And then make you feel proud of your household once more. It is normal for furniture and upholstery to show signs of deterioration over time. These items must be cleaned regularly to maintain their natural shape and the wellness of a family. Sadly, many couch owners do not properly care for their upholstery and end up having to substitute it after just a few years, even though a quality couch could perhaps easily survive for many years.

Remember that no upholstery protector can ensure that your furniture will be stain-free. If you spent the additional fee to have your fabric guarded, you must still act in under 5 days to prevent lasting staining from spillages; or else, your insurance (if any) may not support you. More notably, basic soiling is also not supported, so you will require the services of an expert upholstery cleaning service to prevent the accumulation of daily dirt and dust. Contact Back 2 New Cleaning Adelaide and we will help you out with our professional upholstery cleaning Adelaide team. Looking for upholstery cleaning near me? Book us now!

    Various cleaning services that we have for you in our store

    fabric and leather

    Fabric and leather sofa cleaning

    The durability of leather sofa covers far outweighs that of synthetic materials or even natural materials. This implies and with a little help from our leather sofa cleaners, your leather sofa will look just as good as newly brought. Moreover, we also have fabric sofa cleaners to help you out. So, get in touch with us for booking your service.

    couch cleaning

    Fabric and leather couch cleaning

    The comfortable, visually appealing furniture complements your vintage and modern designs. Leather soaps and over-the-counter remedies are ineffective and may wreak havoc on your leather couches, causing more damage. Steam Cleaning Services offers dependable cleanup and maintenance services. Our leather couch cleaners treat stains and spots on leather chairs and couches with field-proven compounds and treatments that are both effective and safe.

    lounge cleaning

    Leather and fabric lounge cleaning

    Cleaning definition varies depending on the material, and fabric and leather lounge cleaning necessitates a unique approach. It necessitates specialisation as well as a set of water solutions. Their cleaning can easily be done by our upholstery cleaning company consisting of a team of cleaners. Back 2 New Cleaning Adelaide‘s professional cleaners make sure that the leather and fabric lounge cleaning is completed satisfactorily.

    furniture cleaning

    Furniture cleaning

    We are furniture cleaning experts, using the best cleaning techniques, tools, and treatments. We assure you that your furniture will get back to its original lustre and glow using our optimal method and ultimate care. Furniture cleaning necessitates specialised care, knowledge, and contaminants. Our experts specialise in providing what your furniture needs.

    Here are the different cleaning services we have for you

    upholstery steam

    Upholstery steam cleaning

    Would you like to recruit an upholstery steam cleaner for couch Adelaide has to offer? You can recruit us to steam clean your upholstery. We are the best choice for an upholstery Cleaning solution in Adelaide. You will say exactly the same thing after you have used our expert services.

    upholstery dry

    Upholstery dry cleaning

    For dry cleaning, we drizzle a chemical into and all around the upholstery. We then sweep the powder, resulting in a clean couch. The technique is efficient because it does not require any water. It also shortens the drying time, allowing the upholstery to be ready to use as quickly as possible.

    upholstery stain

    Upholstery stain removal

    We can provide you with the finest Upholstery Cleaning at home for the Stain Removal service in Adelaide. Expert stain removers can wash up dirt, stains, bacteria, and bad smells from all types of sofas. You can recruit us to help you with your search for stain removal services.

    Upholstery mould

    Upholstery mould removal

    Mould can be very bad for your health. Therefore, we also offer upholstery cleaning spray for mould removal. Our cleaners will be at your property and get rid of the mould on your couch in a gif using the best methods.

    upholstery odour removal

    Upholstery deodorisation & odour removal

    If your couch or sofa has been smelling then you can contact us for its deodorisation and odour removal treatment. The cost for upholstery cleaning is very affordable.

    upholstery sanitisation

    Upholstery sanitisation

    The germs and bacteria like to nest in your couches and sofas. Cleaning is not enough to get rid of these stubborn germs. To eliminate them completely from your upholstery, we offer upholstery sanitation services.

    We are the best cleaning professionals for Scotchguard protection

    Protect your upholstery from getting stubborn stains with our fabric protection treatment. Our upholstery Scotchguard service will help you with upholstery stain protection, furniture fabric protection, as well as leather upholstery Scotchgard protection. With the help of our protective layer, you will be able to use your sofas and couches for a very long time. If you want to make good use of your investment, then reach out to us now for the Upholstery Scotchguard service. You will be amazed by looking at upholstery cleaning before and after.

    Why Should You Go With Back 2 New Cleaning Adelaide?

    Back 2 New Cleaning Adelaide provides the most effective sofa cleaning services in Adelaide.

    01licensed professionals

    Licensed professionals

    We have cleaners who are licenced and certified.



    We are a fully insured upholstery cleaning business.

    03eco friendly


    We Make use of natural cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment or your family.



    We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for bookings and emergency cleaning services.

    05low price

    Low prices

    We offer the most affordable sofa cleaning service in Adelaide.

    06experienced professionals

    Experienced professionals

    In addition, we have years and years of experience in the industry. Moreover, all our experts also have long experience in this field.

    We offer upholstery cleaning services in the entire Adelaide city

    In addition, we offer upholstery cleaning services in all the other areas of Adelaide. With just one phone call, you could get a no-obligation, free quote. Allow our upholstery cleaning Adelaide team to clean your couches as well as other upholstery pieces in Adelaide at a really reasonable price.